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H20 Bottle

Introducing our revolutionary Hydrogenated H2O bottle, the epitome of innovation in hydration technology. Crafted with precision and care, this cutting-edge bottle is designed to infuse your water with the power of molecular hydrogen, elevating your hydration experience to unprecedented levels of health and vitality.

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Hydrogen Rich Water Generator Bottle

Benefits About
Hydrogenated H20

the perfect blend of hydration and health. Infused with molecular hydrogen, this sleek and portable bottle ensures you stay refreshed while enjoying a boost of antioxidants with every sip. Enhance your hydration routine and support your overall wellness with our Hydrogenated H2O bottle, your go-to companion for a healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Jonuzi's
Aqua Health Protocols

Level One: (basic)

For the health hydration benefits
  • Use an ionizer for 10 minutes upon waking and consume all the infused water for a clean and vibrant start.
  • Engage in morning activities before eating breakfast to allow absorption of the hydrogen infused water.
  • Consume daily water intake based on half of your body weight per ounce, ensuring all daily drinking water is hydrogenated. Run ionizer for a minimum 3 minutes before consumption.

Level Two: (Adanced)

For enhanced health benefits
  • Follow level one, but use Distilled Water For morning 10 oz
  • Add sachet of Quintessential 78 mineral balanced ions.

Level Three: (Premium)

For the highest level of health hydration
  • Follow Level two, but use Deuterium Depleted Water 5 to 10 ppm, for morning 10 oz

These protocols emphasize the importance of starting the day with purified molecular hydrogen infused water and maintaining a consistent routine for optimal absorption. Each level introduces additional elements to enhance the health benefits, with a focus on clean and vibrant living.

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